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Here are references to Combat Mission scenario design information and tutorials. Some links are tips and tricks. Others are things to keep in mind approaching your scenario project. Links which include topical Battlefront Forum threads are marked as such.

The ultimate scenario design guide and the best Combat Mission x2 resource for overviews and getting started.
The Sheriff of Oosterbeek – A Scenario Design DAR/AAR

Somewhat dated but still excellent how-to instruction videos.
Proambulator's Combat Mission Tutorials – 1/15

YouTube search results for Combat Mission scenario design instruction videos.
Combat Mission scenario design tutorials on YouTube

Big Red Button Warfare – videos by FGM actuarial wonder, Ithikial
Suggestions, thoughts, and ideas for approaching scenario design.

A specific scenario design walkthrough.

A scenario design battle start up tip and trick.
How to make the camera point in specific direction on scenario start? – Battlefront Forum thread

A scenario design discussion about how to get started.
Creating a Scenario in CMBN – Battlefront Forum thread

Another scenario design discussion about how to get started.
Scenario Design – Battlefront Forum thread

Suggestions for how to approach scenario testing.
PMC Tactical Combat Mission Scenario Testing Report Template

A Wiki page with a number of resources online and in print to assist CM scenario makers.
Combat Mission Wiki – Resources for Scenario Designers

A Michael Dorosh blog describing the process behind creating his scenario “TWC Delay on Tiger Route”.
The Tactical Wargamer - Scenario Design Notes: Delay on Tiger Route

A blogger’s comments about the background of a scenario he felt well done.
Combat Mission Fortress Italy - Scenario Design at the Postgraduate Level

A GameSquad forum conversation about designing CM scenario’s.
Gamesquad CM Scenario Design

A Combat Mission tutorial blog by TJ.CMSF.
The Combat Mission War Chest

A Battlefront Forum conversation about campaign designing.
Campaigns and Reinforcements – Battlefront Forum thread

Ithikial’s Big Red Button Warfare thread on the Battlefront forums.
Experimental Design - CM1 Operations in CM2 (Video) – Battlefront Forum thread

A scenario designer’s conversation about his first attempt to create a scenario and using ASL scenario resources.
First try at a scenario: questions – Battlefront Forum thread

The official briefing material from Combat Mission Battle for Normandy, and the Commonwealth Forces and Market Garden modules.
Battlefront Official Briefing Templates CMBN – CMODSIII
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