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Slitherine Tournament - Will you be the ultimate Horse Lord?

I’m a little irritated at my last opponent. I felt like I was about to unleash a big victory in both games, and he was at the breaking point. Then the turns stopped coming. Only two in the last 5 days or so from him and we didn’t finish. Interesting timing is all I will say. Two more turns and both would have been routs.
Man...that is tough. Has to be more than just a little disheartening.
I empathize with @Wellsonian and repeat that, "if this tournament had been my first FOGII H2H experience, I would be unenamored with FOGII PBEM play. Which is a very roundabout way of saying that I am very grateful to have FGM as my primary venue for H2H games." I'll likely still participate in future Slithirine tournaments but certainly without the enthusiasm I feel for FGM play.
You guys rock!! :cheerso:
Bully to both of you breaking 300 and finishing in the upper half.
My final matches sent luck my way and I was able to finish above 250. It was an interesting learning experience.

Nice rebound Badger.....yeah, it was a learning experience and I think would be quite fun if the army lists vs terrain weren't so limited.