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Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 80% off on Steam

Hi WW2 Tragics!

You may have noticed I have been pumping up the tyres on this one! Yeah, I know, only SP.
After getting over the initial learning curve, I can say without doubt this is my favourite WW2 RTS. Terrific gaming concept with the macro turn based Operational mode and the RTS Tactical mode. On my potato the graphical aspects are great and the game plays very well. Plenty of gameplay with a good number of campaigns available. Plus it is dirt cheap!
For us CMx2 players, i am sure you will be surprised to learn there are fewer clicks per scenario than CM, much less. So you can enjoy the graphical goodness the game offers - even has aeroplane graphics rather than "fire" from the sky!
So if you have a little time to kill between CMx2 turns, give this one a try!

Get it before 30 July!

I have been playing the campaign - Operation Fruhlingswind as the German side. Armor is Pz II to Pz IV vs Sherman A4 as the best allied tank.
A simple tactic is to select At Infantry for all vehicles except the Pz IV. This way you do not give away your Pz IV positions prematurely. The Pz IV needs to focus on armor, as should the Pz III ausf N. The other german tanks should "run away" if they see a Sherman!
Ah great! I would say anything that makes the UI make more sense would be a welcomed project.
Im not sure I will ever play these games on a regular basis like CM but I thought I would tinker with it as I been kinda wanting something Africa theater.
It is hard to teach and old dog new tricks though :)
@Stardog765, a new manual has been posted for this game, courtesy of Lethal2615.
If any of you guys are fencesitters you might want to reconsider your position on buying this game. The game and all DLC are available on Steam as a bundle for $5.40 US. Get the game plus the learning guide and you are in business!
Good game. I have all of the Gravteam games and DLC. When I first got it years ago, I played it for a little while then gave up and when back to Combat Mission. The interface was difficult and things were never well explained. After a year or I decided to try again and started watching youtube videos especially the how to's by the Historical Gamer. That plus some game time and things started to click.

I think it's better than Combat Mission in many ways.

The one BIG thing I think Gravteam needs is a replay feature. You really have to spend alot of time zoomed out to be successful and as a result you don't see many things from the ground view and given the cinematic action that takes place its a shame.

The Eastern Front games in the series is excellent. The time period is interesting too. Seeing KV1s and T-34s rolling over German infantry that doesn't have effective AT weapons is brutal. Yet you will also see the Russians abandon tanks due to their nerve breaking too so its not all one sided.

The Tunisian front is a different beast that the Eastern front and I think its well done. There are also DLC's that cover more modern periods and they too are fun.
I noticed that Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943 is on sale on Steam. You can get the base game and all DLC's for $10.35 I believe.
On Steam Mius Front is on sale and the price is reduced by 45% and Tunisia 1943 is reduced by 92% for the bundle (Tunisia 1943 base game plus DLCs).
A well done review in my opinion. I too think that it is more a simulation than a classical game. If you played much CM like me it is quite a different experience. Not better or worse, but different instead.