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Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 80% off on Steam

My system is all SSD. Gravteam and Combat Mission were loaded on a SSD. On paper my new NVMe is way faster than a normal SSD, but benchmarks and real world usage has proven to be 2 different things.

For all I know the disappearance of pauses in Gravteam when I re-installed on the NVMe is a placebo effect.

In any case I now have more space so I can re-load and re-install more junk. I moved all the flight sim stuff to the new NVMe drive. Flight Sim 2020 and DCS were pigs that took up a ton of space. My internet usage spiked to the point where my provider sent me a warning that I used 91% of my monthly allotment...my average has been about 375 gigs a month and this month so far its 1119 gigs.
In Steam you don't have to re-download to move a library game between drives. You can just copy it manually.