The Island Wars (Onion Wars -style Mega Campaign)

Managed to squeeze in some time yesterday for working on the OOB's for both sides ... then started placing counters on the map and realised I got a bit carried away ... :ROFLMAO: ... so time to dial it back a bit and work out a good reinforcement/mobolisation schedule to replace destroyed units and make for a slower force build up. :2charge:
I've been dabbling with this again... I believe I may have refined the counter and casualty-tracking system using 'pips' on the counters (either infantry company-sized or vehicle platoons) representing either intact infantry platoons or organic support weapons (HvyMG, Med Mortars and AT guns) or individual vehicles/guns in the smaller vehicle platoon counters.

Played in CMFI set in Sept 1943 -- British vs German representing the fictional nations... sharing an island and fighting a war with limited forces of a few battalions each...

Heraklion Island Master sample.jpg
A quick sample snapshot...

The Southern 1. Kompanie, PzGr Btn 10, with two panzer platoons and Btn HQ arty in support, attacks the Northern dug in A Company, The Border Regt...
Some experimentation looking at the counters on different screens, flagged some potential issues with colour contrasts making the colours of pips hard to see.

So had a rethink, resized the counters slightly... and decided to go with small numbers below (or next to) the unit type symbol for the support units.

Pips remain in use for rifle platoons and vehicle units.

Counters Explanation NEW2.jpg
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