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Vartuoosi's Video Emporium

lol, I saw that on Armaholic not too long ago. Looks pretty fun. Didn't realize it turned your grenades into chickens too. Do they blow up like regular grenades? Perhaps we can add this to our usual mod lineup. Who needs RHS when you can have chicken guns? :D
It turns your grenades and bullets into just normal chickens. They won't explode or hurt people.
And it looks like the mod only applies to vanilla Arma 3 weapons.
Ah yes, what a great mission. Constant firefights into and out of the objective. Glad you captured it for posterity. I had forgotten both @Dutch Grenadier and I were killed by the same grenade trying to retake the gas station. How you survived that I don't know. Vart with the 9 lives I guess! :D Thanks for posting!