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Nov 10, 2022
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Valrico, Florida
What an invite...I used to be a 3-valved horn player back in my school days [trumpet, E-flat horn and French horn] then I became a guitar player when I realized, in my adolescent mind, that horn playing wasn't "cool" like guitar playing was. I later ended up dedicating myself to 12-string playing up until my unexpected and rapid medical issues these days. My 1978 Hofner Concert [I watched her backboard laid down at the Hofner factory in Kaiserslaughtern way back when, like an expectant father. Custom made with a 6-string width neck but 12-string nuts and the action is microscopic. Love her] just stares woefully at me now from her stand across the room wondering what's happened to me...ah life I suppose. I gave my 2 electric guitars [a red starburst Les Paul...what a heavy load...jeese, and a black and white Strat with Humbuckers] and 2 other 6-string acoustics [a Hofner and a Yamaha] and my other 12-string [a Takamine] to my boys way back when. They all play but we never got into playing with each other and them with each other too [too many different styles, friends and genres I guess...]. Used a Crate amp and a Dean Markley pickup for the wooden girls, with Ernie Ball "Super Slinky" strings on the electrics and Martin "Bronze Wound" on the acoustics with a Fender medium or heavy pick [depending on my mood, but mainly a medium. I learned also, don't ever lay a pick down 'cause it'll run away...]. Played solo gigs around the towns I lived in, part time of course, as real work took up most of my time [had to work up my vocals once I went solo completely. I was taught by school band conductors that "it doesn't matter what your voice sounds like, just always hit the right notes and things will take care of themselves"]. Going solo was the best thing for me because whenever I had people over they were more interested in getting stoned. The practicing together was secondary. C'est la vie. Listened to and collected music since my Old Man bought me my first little record player [smaller than the records] way back in '68 when we were living in Istanbul...anyways...the older I got the more "acoustic" sounding I became and being a minor chord type of cat anyways [a brooder I suppose...], started delving deeper into the genre. By the way, the post above about "Lark Ascending" hit me right between the eyes as that is my favorite classical piece, cheers and prost for that. I'm on my back a lot these days and here is a little sample of the tunes [hard to choose I'll tell you] that are stuck in my craw these days:

1. I didn't think anyone could beat Doc Watson on "Shady Grove" but Tony Rice sure gave it a go:
2. I love Nickel Creek [and the 1 microphone idea...] and Miss Sara Watkins too. "Destination":
3. Love the piss out of this one. Townes Van Zandt "Fare Thee Well Miss Carousel":
4. One starts thinking about different things once they've caught a glimpse of the finish line, for sure. Townes Van Zandt "Waitin' Around to Die":
5. That one was hard to beat but Jason Isbell tears it up with "Elephant":
6. Lightening things up a bit, but still in a minor key, is my favorite electric guitar solo. On the second solo David Gilmour hits it right on the head in "Comfortably Numb":
7. Last but not least, I rediscovered this tune from way back because of certain recent unpleasant news. Chicken Shack doing "I'd Rather go Blind" with the bass player, Christine Perfect [her real name...McVie], on vocals:

Obviously, I made it to the pros...right? I could go on and on...

So thanx for the invite to share here.

Cheers and Prost

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