CMA Christmas near Khost

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A medium sized Red combined arms assault against entrenched Mujahideen. Playable as either side, Red recommended first.

“24.12.1987, Gardez-Khost road, Afghanistan.

Commander, last night an airborne spetznatz unit was airlifted to occupy the village of Shamal, a strategic location on our advance towards Khost. The raid was halted by a sizeable Mujahideen force and with their Hinds driven off by AA missiles, the troopers dug in. Throughout the day we have been attempting to reach them, but the bad weather forbids future air support and all advances have been futile. Your unit, fresh from the rear and fully supplied, is moved forward in the last attempt to make a breakthrough before the darkness settles again.
Capture the village and the surrounding heights.

Beware, the Mujahideen fighters in this area have had years of time to gather artillery and prepare fortifications. They are highly motivated and well armed.”


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