CMA Opening the road to Gardez

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In 1987 Operation Magistral was conducted to relieve the besieged city of Khost in southeast Afghanistan, however Mujihadeen groups had possession of the road networks between Kabul, Gardez, and Khost in the south.

The Mujihadeen that are holding the Tera Pass are present at understrength battalion size (estimated over 100 fighters). Mujihadeen forces are well dug in along the Kabul – Gardez road running through Tera Pass and the village of Lowgar.

They have prepared fighting positions along the roadsides and in the mountains.

A Company, 2nd Battalion Motor Rifles must sweep along the road and through the village of Lowgar for Mujihadeen fighters and advance to Gardez whilst sustaining minimum losses. They have artillery and air support on station.


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