CMCW – A Beautiful Morning

September 26th 1981

Since crossing the border six days ago, the Soviet Army has destroyed and rooted the NATO forces in central West Germany that have stood in its way. Yesterday, the Soviets managed to complete the encirclement of Frankfurt and reached the Rhine – one day earlier than planned. While some retreating US forces have managed to cross the Rhine, some have been trapped in pockets between the advancing Soviet columns. One such pocket is Spessart, a hilly and forested area to the east of Frankfurt, on the border between Hesse and Bavaria.

A Beautiful Morning is a CMCW scenario featuring a US combined arms breakout attempt against a Soviet opponent that will need to defend in depth and be agile as the scenario unfolds. The map is hilly but rather open and allows for long distance engagements.

The scenario is designed and balanced primarily for H2H play as that is where my main CM interest lies. It has been playtested in a couple of play-throughs (big thanks to playtesters Rocketman, Chibot, LiveNoMore and I. Fuller) and I have managed to lose playing both Soviets and US. However, it also has AI plans for both sides, and I’d suggest someone taking on the AI to choose US first and aim for a Total Victory, minimizing the losses while accomplishing the objectives.

A great Video AAR can be found here (SPOILERT ALERT! – so consider before watching) .

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2 thoughts on “CMCW – A Beautiful Morning

  1. I downloaded the scenarios listed here for CMCW ; I cant get them to appear in folder ? Very bizzare, any suggestions?

  2. If the downloaded file is a zip file you need to extract it first. After that move it to the games scenarios-folder.

    I usually add [cstm] to the beginning of custom made scenario and campaign files (in this case it would be changed to [cstm] A beautiful morning) to know which files come with the game and which ones are downloaded and added by me.

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