CMCW – Hamelin-Spear and Shield HvsH v2

8th may 1981, the cold war at turn hot and the 1st Guards Tank Army pushed hard the NATO troops in northern Germany. They are closing on the strategic city of Hamelin and it’s bridge.
On the US side, it’s the 2nd battalion from th 8th cavalry who have been task with holding the city of Hamelin.
For the Soviets, the task of capturing Hamelin fell to the 11th Guards Tank Division.
It’s a Human vs. Human scenario, duration 1h30 max, Soviet attacking entrenched American troops

It’s my first real HvsH scenario, all feedback welcom(mainly regarding the scoring)

Update “v1” 03/07/2022 : Added a FO to the soviet initial force. Change on soviet objective name and change the battle from “bleu attack” to “red attack”
Thanks for Free Whiskey to pointed it out to me those mistakes.
Update “v2” 29/07/2022 : Added more FO to the soviet force and some TRP.

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