6 thoughts on “A Nasty Surprise

  1. Hopefully Author will see this. I am experiencing flickering Icons as the Axis player. All the icon flicker to the point of it being unplayable. I have heard from several players who say they have had the same issue. I am on v2.0 engine 4.

    I also have hovering troops … like the flying nun!

  2. Follow us to my earlier comment … several of us have found this scenario will work fine PBEM but Allies need to do the first move … seems an odd fix but it works. Which is great because this is a fun scenario.

  3. I just saw these comments. Sounds really weird to me. Don’t know why these issues are happening or how to fix them. I created the scenario after V4 had been installed. But, I am really glad you are enjoying the scenario!

    LiveNo More

  4. Hi,
    just downloaded and installed the scenario. I am probably missing something, but when I try to play it is obvious that no AI plan is included. Neither as axis or US, the opponents just sits there.

  5. @PapaD

    The units are not moving because it is a so called H2H scenario. All movements are done by the players, where one is playing for the Blue and the other is playing for the Red. If you want a scenario against the AI don’t download a scenario which is H2H only.

  6. Same problem with flickering icons while playing axis in PBEM. Thought it might have been fixed by now. I don’t think we can play the battle as it is.

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