2 thoughts on “CMFB Mission to Maas V2

  1. )Early concerns noticed) I am sorry but this scenario is largely too one-sided in favor of the Germans. Yes, this is a Bulge scenario and the Germans historically had pushed forward strongly against the unsuspecting US in the beginning but in this battle the timing of the US reinforcements is very important. I am currently playing this battle PBM and we are at the 0945 mark and in the briefing/tactical it stated the first reinforcements arrive at 0930. They do not and per the editor there can be a variance of 20 minutes for the entrance of reinforcements. This makes a huge difference since the US is given absolutely no AT weapons for the scattered “stragglers” so the Germans basically move literally unihibited to almost 2/3’s of the map before any AT resistance, but light, is met. As for design of the terrain the map looks good. It is very detailed and has a various types of terrain depicted in it. But when you look into some of the buildings, like the railroad multi hex station, there are solid walls within with no interior doors. So INF that enters this building has to exit each section and go outside and re-enter the next section to move at all in this train station. I know of no train stations ever built like this! My experienced opponent and I , who has authored several custom scenarios himself, and I playtest scenarios for him, intend to complete this scenario hoping maybe the overdue reinforcements may make an entrance before all objectives have been taken to make this an actual battle worth fighting. I think what has made this overdue reinforcement entrance a bigger issue is the fact that in the briefing/tactical section for the US it specifically states exact times but then in the editor, where most players don’t necesarily look before or during the battle, it states otherwise with delays possible….that would be nice to know up front for the US in planning its limited strategy.

  2. I played this and managed to complete it finally, after several restarts. It’s not an easy scenario. True, some of the US positions don’t have much AT support, but you don’t know that going in, unless you checked in the editor first.

    Also, the counterattacks can really throw a wrench in your plans and set back your timetable.

    The final US defences are very strong, and I can’t even imagine how anybody would be able to win this as the German attackers against a reasonably competent US defender. Just cracking the stationary AI defence was a challenge, and I’m not an inexperienced player.

    The map is great, with lots of little details. I agree the train station shouldn’t have interior walls.

    Main problem with this scenario, as I see it, is that it becomes a real chore to bring up reinforcements. There are simply so many units that each need a lot of waypoints to drive along the winding roads.

    But a great scenario in any case. I enjoyed it – in a kind of masochistic way.

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