CMFB Auvere Station

This scenario is nothing else than an attempt of the US forces to do a head-on attack on the German defenders.

The scenario should fit better for Red Thunder because the historical battle was fought between the German III SS-Panzer Corps, together with some battalions from the Wehrmacht, and the Soviet 8th Army. But as I only have Final Blitzkrieg the Germans are meeting the US Army.

To make the scenario easier to play, the troops of both the German and the US forces have been decreased. Every regiment in the scenario is actually a battalion, every battalion is a company and a company is a platoon.

The US army has some superiority over the Germans, just as the Soviet army had in July 1944, but I think the scenario still might be somewhat balanced. If you disagree with this, I’m sure you’ll let me know about it.

The ability to break through the Narva isthmus, situated between the Gulf of Finland and Lake Peipus, was of major strategic importance to the Soviet armed forces ever since the beginning of 1944.

The aim of the Soviet 8th Army’s attack on Auvere in July 1944, as had been the aim of the Soviet forces in February and March, was to break through that part of the Leningrad front south-west of Narva by crossing Narva river and go north to reach the Baltic coast in Mummasaare. At the same time as the 8th Army was to accomplish that move in the July offensive, the 2nd Shock Army was to break through the German defenses stationed on the Narva river north of Narva. By this move the both armies should be able to encircle the German forces in Narva into a pocket.

In the end of July the 8th Army was getting ready to attack the German forces in the Auvere area once more. The Soviet commanders knew that it would not be easy for the battalions of the 8th Army to break through the enemy defenses in Auvere in the Summer. The reason was that the flanks were reliably covered by solid and heavily waterlogged wooded marshes and the center, which was more or less the same, offered only one really reliable way in from their positions where tanks could be used.

Everyone is allowed to make any changes to the game file if that will make him happier with it.

Can be played as Germans vs AI or as US vs AI and H2H.

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2 thoughts on “CMFB Auvere Station

  1. Next time can you do CMFB scenario ? There is not a lot of CMFB huge battles and with your talent, until you will get CMRT I think it will be great !

  2. This is a CMFB singel player scenario. You can play this one as the Germans vs AI or as the US vs AI.

    The Blue Hills one is so far H2H only.

    I noticed now that you were talking about huge battles. I’m doing another scenario which took place in September 1944, I think, during the Soviet offensive to reach Tartu in Estonia. That scenario is going to be huge or large depending on how people judge it.

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