Hard Defence

The south-east Netherlands in November 1944 and the Allies are on their way towards the German border. Close to the border is the little town Naaldhoogte which is partly up on a hill and surrounded by forests and boggy areas. At this point a group of Germans have the duty to make it harder for the Allies to get closer to the border. The US-troops have received the orders to head on although reports show that it won’t be easy for them.

This scenario isn’t based on a battle that occured in the Netherlands during WW2. As it is fictional the US and German troops in this scenario were maybe not in the south-east Netherlands in November 1944 but somewhere else.

I wanted to make a scenario which is kind of similar to the scenario Battle for Chaumont – First Round and have tried to make one where the German player has a good challenge with the objective to take on US infantry and their armoured support.

There are no German AI-plans to this scenario and playing as the US troops against the German AI won’t be fun due to how the German troops are positioned in the beginning of the scenario. If you would like to play as the US-troops you will have to do that H2H against someone who won’t mind being the Germans.

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