CMRT Mini Campaign: Alarmeinheiten

It is late World War Two on the Eastern front. You command a German alarm unit (alarmeinheiten) and are tasked to counter and destroy multiple Soviet breakthroughs in order to hold the front line. Your alarm unit will maneuver in multiple battles on a 13.5 square kilometer map while protecting rear area logistics from partisans. Decide if you want to command units of mostly common German vehicles or a more exotic mix of German vehicles to include some limited, rare and unique vehicles. Make decisions on how you will employ your limited resources to hold the line. Will you call up a weakened reserve unit or maybe an SS unit specializing in anti-partisan operations? Should you rely on vehicles from the battalion repair shop? The battalion aid station contains weakened, unfit, low morale troops. Maybe these troops could form a blocking force while the alarm unit struck the flank of the latest breakthrough? There are a handful of Luftwaffe security troops at the airfield that you might use somewhere. These are all your decisions to make Commander. As you look up from the map board and radios in your command track the sound of combat comes from the east. Which of the four avenues of approach is it this time………? Good luck!

The one battle scenario is three hours long and requires Fire and Rubble.

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  1. Sporky’s comment has me hooked. Would love to try this one out. When I download the campaign into my game files (campaign), it shows up fine in the files. When I open up CMRT to play it, however, it does not appear under the campaigns tab. I know I must be doing something wrong, just don’t know what it might be.

    1. The campaign downloads as a compressed file. Did you un-zip the file? After un-zipping the file place it in the following location for Windows: Documents – Battlefront – Combat Mission – Red Thunder – Game Files – Campaigns. (I don’t have a Mac so I’m not sure about a Mac location) Also the Fire & Rubble module is needed to play. If the above still does not work I would ask if you have the Steam version of the game or was it a purchase straight from Battlefront?

      1. Thanks for taking this up. I appreciate the assistance.
        So now to your questions. I bought the game straight from Battlefront. I have the Fire & Rubble module and I downloaded the campaign as you indicated in your reply, placing the compressed file in the campaigns folder. I then used 7-Zip with the command: Extract Here. I can then see the folder among the other campaign game files – it also indicates that the file has 3,712 KB, so it appears that the file downloaded (although this happened instantaneously and I did not see any indication of a download process taking place).
        I used this same process with a scenario for CMRT-FR and I am able to play that scenario – it shows up under the scenarios tab when I open the game.
        Thanks again for your help.
        P.S. I will be out and about for a while, so I may not get back to you until later.

        1. The 3,712 KB is the correct size for the file. So that seems okay. What version of Combat Mission Red Thunder are you playing? In the bottom right corner of the Red Thunder load (menu) screen it should say v2.11 Game Engine 4.

          When I unzip a campaign, scenario or mod I always place the zipped file in an empty folder on my desktop. I then select extract here (into the empty folder). Next I drag and drop the extracted file into the proper game folder location. On the Battlefront forums it has been said that this is the best way to extract a file. Sometimes the extracting process can grab parts of other files and cause problems. Since your extracted file is 3,712 KB (the exact same size as mine) I kind of doubt this is the problem but it is the only other thing I can think of.

          If you still have problems I would suggest posting your question on the Battlefront forums. There are many very helpful people on the forums. One of them will know the answer (probably had a similar problem). I’ll also look for a post from you on the Battlefront forum (if you need to make one) and tag some of the tech smart people to make sure they read it. Below is the address of the Battlefront CM2 General Tech Support topic on the forum. I’m not sure if the below will direct link or need to be copied and pasted into the search address.

          Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks for getting back to me on this. I am using v2.11 Game Engine 4. I tried to unzip using the method you described and encountered the same issue. By the way, this same thing happened when I tried to download another campaign from somebody else – strange because I did download a scenario from the Scenario Depot (thefewgoodmen) without an issue. I will get back to the forums again and ask about this – have not been on them for a very long time. Will have to see if I have my password somewhere. Thanks again for your time in assisting me.

  3. Hello MOS:96B2P,
    I finally have the campaign up on my PC – and it looks great. Just what I was looking for as I have been reading a lot about this phase of the war lately. My problem is that I thought I placed the entire game on a new (less full) hard drive, but the game files remained in my C drive somehow. Not sure I want to move them as everything seems to be working fine now. Thanks for you patience with me and your efforts to produce a great campaign.

  4. Things do get funky when going from the 10-year-old RT to the new Steam version (bundle) for sure. But that is only to be expected after a decade of technological “progress.” Anyway, I’ve had similar issues, as well as annoyances with AVAST. Of course, none of this junk existed back when BFG made the first game. Anyway, thanks for the work and best wishes!

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