CMFB Rittersprung H2H

After being severely decimated in the battle for the Hürtgen Forest, the 28th Infantry Division was sent to the rear to rest and refit. The 112th Infantry Regiment got located in the tri-country area of Lieler-Ouren-Lützkampen, spanning Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium – a six mile stretch of land on both sides of the Our river where the Siegfried Line had its westernmost fortifications, now occupied by the Allies. The 28th ID had just about recovered 100 % strength, with replacement units getting basic combat training, when the Germans launched their massive attack in the Ardennes on december 16th 1944. The crossing of the Our at Ouren would be an important part in the German advance and it was upon the 112th IR of the 28th ID to protect it as long as possible.

It is 10:30 on Dec 17th and the 112th IR was engaged in combat with German forces on the 16th and throughout the night. The morning fog has lifted but it is still misty from the cold and the wet ground. Visibility is reasonable but it is hard to make out units in the mist. Units in Lützkampen and Harspelt were swept aside on the 16th. Sevenig town was also attacked by a green force of Volksgrenadiers but was able to hold on. The Volksgrenadiers suffered a lot of casualties and many prisoners were taken. They are now presumed to be hiding in the woods west of Sevenig.

Semi-historical scenario which is aiming to capture a “what-if” combat based on units and turn of events that happened in the opening days of the Ardennes offensive.

The scenario includes a mod tagged winter uniform mod for the 28th ID “Bloody Bucket”.

US side has a couple of “house rules” that should be followed.

The scenario may create large save files.

Enjoy! All feedback is welcome.

Rittersprung H2H

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  1. I just bought Final Blitzkrieg and if it’s possible to do a hotseat gameplay with FB, could I use this mod for that? Would be fun to play this map with my flatmate.

  2. You can play the scenario in hotseat as it is. Or you can go into the editor and strip away all units and use the map for other things. The uniform mod can be used in other scenarios only (use modtag), don’t think it can work for Quick Battles.

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