4 thoughts on “CMSF Resecuring the Ring – B Company 1 Royal Canadian Regiment Afghanistan

  1. Another excellent, fun scenario by Combatintman. This one is a representative action set in Kandahar Province. However it is set on real terrain with real Canadian forces that were stationed in the area. So, in short, this is another realistic scenario. As the commander you must use your firepower wisely so you don’t damage the local infrastructure while, at the same time, be careful of IEDs, RPGs and friendly casualties. Take command of the QRF and go hunting. You will enjoy this one.

  2. I hadn’t played in several months and thoroughly enjoyed this scenario. I didn’t serve in the “sandbox” but it sure sounded plausible to me. It was also a great reminder on how to – and how NOT to – employ the “Cars” (LAV III’s to Cdn troops who used them, or at least my pals).
    FWIW I’ll play this one again and more than once at a bet ! Nice work and thanks very much Combatintman.

    1. Presumably you have unzipped the folder and dropped the .btt file into your scenarios directory and it is not opening. The likely problem here is that you don’t have the game patched to the latest version or you don’t have the NATO module. Otherwise I’m not sure what the issue is because given that I can play it and two others have played it, there isn’t an issue with the file.

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