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The Battle of the Blue Hills was a battle in north-east Estonia between German forces and the Red Army during the summer and autumn of 1944. This scenario would be better for Red Thunder, but as I only have The Last Blitzkrieg I let the Germans fight the US army instead.

My first idea was to make a single player scenario for both sides. But I quite quickly understood that I’d probably need more unit groups than 16 to be able to divide the US troops into smaller units. I could have made it into a US vs AI scenario only but decided to make it a H2H scenario for now and a single scenario battle for both sides if Battlefront gives us 24 or 32 AI-groups in the editor.

I’m not very fond of scenarios of large to huge maps with too limited time. I have therefore given the scenario a time of four hours so everyone, especially the attacker, has enough time to plan the moves and send up units to scout the area. The defender is of course not expected to just sit and wait for the attacker, but can send out squads or teams himself to find out what the attacker is up to.

During the real battle the Germans forces were vastly outnumbered by the Soviets. I have tried to show this by giving the US army more men and technical equipment than the Germans. But I have also tried to balance the scenario by hopefully giving the Germans fairly good defense lines.

The zipfile named The Blue Hills contains files and information I’ve used to make the scenario in case someone would like to do a scenario for Red Thunder where this battle actually belongs.

The zipfile named Blue Hills Game Files contains the H2H scenario and three Quick Battle files. The Quick Battle files have a map which is somewhat smaller than the original map. The reason for this is that a Quick Battle isn’t longer than two hours so it’s better to be able to get into the action a bit quicker.

The size of this scenario map is 4496 X 2496 so it is a huge map and to some people maybe more like a master map. But the battle was happening all around those three hills so I thought it necessary to cover the whole area. I could have made the area a bit smaller but that hadn’t been too fun for those who want a really huge map.

If someone feels that there is a need for changes in the H2H file, he can do any changes necessary and upload his version. The scenario and the map is supposed to be for everyone’s enjoyment so I don’t care how you use it as long as you have fun.

There might be some lag in the beginning when you are busy with the setup phase. That lag should hopefully disappear when you have pressed the red button and are ready to start killing your opponent.

You should also be aware that it seems the assault battle (a1) might cause the game to crash if you are playing as the attacker and don’t have enough RAM. If you want to play the assault quick battle as the attacker you could try to lower the allowed points for getting troops to reduce the amount of those. I do recommend to play the assault quick battle as the defender against the AI if you’re amount of RAM isn’t high enough.

The Blue Hills

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  1. Is there any way that you can make this map for RTFR?? We can keep the same victory conditions and all. I would be honored if you let me set up the units for battle, that would be great. I thought about copying it square by square, but I don’t think I have 5 years’ time to reproduce it. I tried adding just the scenarios to RTFR and NO LUCK. I would also like to have a go for the other eastern front games that you made, I would just take the American forces and change them over to the Russians. Well think about it, and I promise to re-vamp the forces to your liking and do your Game Scenarios as best I can. I’ve just finished a ew books on the battle for Narwa and would love to see it added to RTFR, THANK YOU……….Lukas

    1. Hello Gary

      I’m sorry for replying to you so late. The reason for this is that I’m hardly playing my Combat Mission game as I’m not happy with the lousy line of sight and line of fire in these games where the troops are able to spot the enemy although he’s on the other side of a dense and large forest several hundred meters away ( – the picture unfortunately doesn’t seem to open properly).

      You ask me if I can make this scenario for the Fire and Rubble addon to the Red Thunder game. I can’t do that because I don’t have Red Thunder and won’t buy it either as these different Combat Mission games are more or less the same game but with troops of the Allies forces wearing different uniforms and using a little bit different looking mechanical equipment.

      There is a Blue Hills scenario in the Fire and Rubble addon. This scenario is called Hills of the Moon or something. I had a look at that one on a friend’s computer and to my surprise there are no hills and no forests but rather two or three areas which are sparsely covered with trees and looks like someone has made his first scenario map but was too lazy to make it properly by using old German or Soviet height maps.

      If you would like to use this scenario map for Red Thunder you can convert the map to Red Thunder by using the method mentioned in the Battlefront Forum ( and you can just look at the troops I made for this scenario (regiment, batallion, company) and copy them to your Red Thunder game.

      I hope my reply isn’t too late for you and that you manage to get what you want.

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