CMFB SN22 Closing the Door

AXIS versus ALLIES only. 30 Minute Scenario.

Tank fire echoes down the Ambleve valley. You control SG Knittels small rearguard at Petit Spai bridge, and you are now on full alert.

The bridge is Peipers only tenuous supply route and from the sounds of gunfire the position seems to be under imminent threat.

Your soldiers need to grab as many Panzerfausts from the SPWs as possible and take up ambush positions as quickly as possible.

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Author: Theforger

1 thought on “CMFB SN22 Closing the Door

  1. A quick scenario played with few troops on a large map.
    As is recommended grab your ‘fausts from the halftracks and then set up an ambush.

    Theforger, if you would like a bit more of an AAR please email me.

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