16 thoughts on “CMRT Carius at Malinova

  1. Thanks Yoozername for the playthrough and feedback.

    Really pleased you enjoyed it and thanks for the high praise 🙂

  2. Going to play this H2H with one of my playing partners and decided to make a DAR out of it. Heads up to George MC, follow along to see how to tweak it for H2H if you like.

  3. Hi Floki
    Thanks for the heads up re your DAR. Looking forward to it. TBH as this was a historical action I’m not convinced how ‘balanced’ it’ll be H2H. Scenarios based on RL actions rarely are balanced. Once you balance them then you move away from what makes them historical.So whilst I appreciate you taking the time to play this, and create a DAR, please understand my motivation for creating this was to play out and explore for myself a RL action that had intrigued me for years. Not necessarily to seek to create a balanced H2H scenario. To be very honest I very rarely play H2H as I enjoy sitting down for longer times playing CM rather than a few minutes day. Hence I tend to create scenarios for playing against the AI that I enjoy playing.

    It’s unlikely therefore I’ll tweak it for H2H play as that would most likely involve compromising the original historical forces, map and mission. Also I’m heavily committed in creating a CMRT campaign right now so any design time is being chewed up with this new project.

    Anyway regardless of the result in your PBEM I do hope you enjoy playing it, and I look forward to your DAR.

    George Mc

  4. I vote for George Mc to author the ‘Battle Pack’ for all eastern front families. That is, if they ever finish one of these families and he is still around.

    This scenario rates as one of the best CM experiences ever. I also have read (and reread) Carius’ book and wondered about the StuG unit he saved. It would be great if the game had multiplayer where the Germans had a player for the Tigers and one for the StuGs to model the command difficulties.

    Maybe one day. Or one of these decades.

  5. Hi George,

    All understood about your comments and I certainly didn’t want to put more work on your plate. LOL Still waiting for my playing partner to start this one up and when we do I’ll let you know. Looking forward to your CMRT campaign.


  6. Hi Ammo Blammo
    Thanks for the positive feedback. Not sure I do as well when working to deadlines. I do enough of that in my real job, but appreciate the sentiment 🙂

    All going well I’ve more than a few years left on this planet and I fully expect to still be around for CMX4. Glad you enjoyed the scenario and thanks for the fine praise.


  7. Hi Floki
    Aye nae worries 🙂 Look forward to your DAR.

    Campaign is coming along, just doing the briefings and maps. Not too far of a beta version – then it’s adding the branches.


  8. ***Might contain some SPOILERS***

    Really enjoyed playing this one. The limited amount of units compared to the size gives the scenario a real sense of space, while danger could lie around the corner. Really liked the small forrest trails to explore as well.

    Not 100% sure about the historical play of events, but if one of the original aims was to save the Stug unit perhaps good to have an exit area somewhere?

  9. Hi Mies
    Thanks for the play through and for taking the time to post your comments.
    Re the historical aspect – the OOB and map are the real deal. There is a PDF enclosed with the zip file that details the actual historical event which slightly differs from Carius’ recollections. Subsequent evidence has the Stugs engaging the Soviet armour – albeit at range.

    In the scenario I had played about with making the Stugs exit. However due to game engine limitations this screws up the scoring for the Germans as any units marked as ‘destroy’ objectives, that don’t exit count as destroyed for scoring purposes. Therefore it was easier to not have an exit objective but instead have the German player keep the Stugs alive. There are more detailed comments in the scenario designer notes so I’d suggest any players taking this for a whirl read these before hitting ‘go’.

    Glad you enjoyed the scenario and thanks again for the feedback 🙂

  10. No worries 🙂 Thanks again for playing this scenario and for taking the time to post your comments. Thank you 🙂

  11. Fun little scenario, the IS II is a real beast. When those come out hide your stugs, because their worthless (on that note just hide your stugs the whole time)! Other than that the AI felt wonderfully active something one doesn’t often see.

  12. Hi Frank
    Thanks for the play through and feedback. Chuffed you enjoyed it. The AI plans are relatively complex with, if I recall four very different plans all using multiple triggers. So it’ll give some degree of replay value. Good move on hiding the Stugs. They are very vulnerable to the Soviet armour.

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