Fester Platz Polozk


Date: 2 July 1944, 0800 hours
weather: Cool and hazy
Location: City of Polozk (Belarus)
Map size: 704 x 544.
Forcesize: Company(+)
Playtime: 1 hour 30 minutes.
Playmode: Axis vs AI only (I am afraid H2H the Soviet player will have it much too easy)
Polozk has been declared a “Fortress” by the Fuhrer, to be held at all costs. Your job is to carry out this Fuhrer Befehl. The Russian offensive must be stopped and the front stabilized. Defend Polozk to the bitter end!

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Author: Bootie

1 thought on “Fester Platz Polozk

  1. This mission was set in an urban environment with the player defending as the Germans against attacking Soviets. The AI was well done and made a competent attack resulting in an tough battle. The map is like a mini Stalingrad with damaged buildings and rubble blocking the streets. If you like urban fights give this one a try. MOS:96B2P

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