4 thoughts on “AD North of Studienka

  1. To whomever made this scenario,
    I’ve made a different version of this file with Russian AI (which BTW there is no AI for either side in the file). Forces are numerically balanced at about 420 each.

    Russians initially have the high ground which their IS-4 and ISUs along with some 45 and 76mm tubes put to good use, while the lighter tanks and troops forge ahead to take the town and bridges.

    The initial German troops proved too unreliable – splitting up without asking – and were replaced by more reliable and better armed troops.

    Shortly before the Russians are able to achieve their final objective, the German reinforcements arrive, but it may be too few too late …

    Will send/post file if desired.

  2. Nice map but don’t play this unless you’re a masochist, the designer has exploited a weakness in the game engine so many defenders are in builings with sunken bases so while the defenders can shoot at you, you can’t target them back. Combined with the well sighted ATG’s and vicious artillery it’s not that enjoyable unless you like really hard missions.

    1. Doesn’t matter to me what some guy designed – I change them to be fun for me to play: so that sides are equally balanced and either could win I add AI where it lacks and alter where necessary. Not into playing these maps for the historical value, nor do I care for artillery except in the most extreme circumstances. I like tank battles and always include some for each side using the best models of the time frame.

  3. AD scenarios are usually extremely good. I’ve played them all for CMBN, CMFI and CMRT. This is the only one that I found to be overly difficult. The map is lovely but this is an assault against very well placed defences. Every avenue of advance is covered, progress is painfully slow. A pity, considering how excellent all the other scenarios are.

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