Hill 227.CMRT

Still no AI. I will upload the AIG scenario.

(I am starting to get annoyed by players hugging the walls, all the time. Version MM is a bit wider and has mines along the new borders of the map).

Based on the map of another designer.
November 1944. 2×2 km. 4h. AIG/H2H.

A Russian Rgt(-) with Tk support advancing along a snowy road.
A German Btn(+) with Pz support to stop them.

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Author: semmes

2 thoughts on “Hill 227.CMRT

  1. Description of the scenario is “Bryan W. Melvin”… According to designer’s note there is no AI, while a quick look in the editor shows two AI plans for each side. But there is no briefing for the Allied side.

    1. Bryan is the Author of the original scenario.
      No AI in “my” scenario.
      Briefing included (now).

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