TWC Hill 621 Redux


By the start of July 1944, it was clear that what was becoming the Destruction of Army Group Center would be decided by events at Minsk. Capture of the city would permit the encirclement and destruction of several German formations.

One of the escape routes was the Stolbtsky Highway, crossing the Berezina River behind a group of small hills south of the city. On the 1st of July 1944, Infantry Division 170, reduced to battalion strength, was once again rocked by Soviet attacks and forced to withdraw.

Abandoning a series of small villages, such as Letornovski, the Germans attempted to solidify a defence on the hills overlooking the highway as Rotmistrov’s Fifth Guards Army poured troops into the breach.

  • Map size: 960m x 960m
  • Game length: 70+
  • German force size: Battalion sized battle group
  • Terrain type: Hilly
  • Weather and Environmental conditions: Warm, dry
  • Date: 1 July 1944

Designed for play as H2H or as either side vs. the AI. Multiple AI plans included.

Originally designed for CM:BB and released via The Proving Grounds. Inspired by SL Scenario 5 “Hill 621.”

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4 thoughts on “TWC Hill 621 Redux

  1. Did any of the above posters play this scenario H2H?? Based on their recommendations I played it as the Soviets against a human opponent.

    JUST DON’T do that.

    From turn 1 to the end, Soviet forces get repeatedly spawned in full view of the German forces, preferably in the open.
    Turn 1: the 25-men Soviet recon company appears in firing range of a full German company backed up by two HMG. Very interesting indeed.
    Turn 10: 7 tanks and a FULL battalion of infantry appears in the open, still in firing range of the Germans, potentially under an artillery barrage (my case), on a frontage less than 400 meters wide. Add 7 tanks intermingled with it and you get the mess. Crazy.
    Turn 20: always in the same position you get 7 SU-152 assault gun spawned out of nowhere in a 50×50 meters square, still in full LOS of the enemy.

    To add insult to the injury, the Soviet player has NO space to maneuver. 90% of its forces are artificially squeezed in a corner of the map anf must maneuver under German fire and LOS as sson as they appear on map.

    Add 500 meters of depth to the Soviet side, rearrange Soviet set up and reinforcements initial position accordingly, and that can make a good scenario. Presently, it’s a terrible rendition of this legendary SL scenario.

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