This scenario is designed to be a test of a player’s ability to co-ordinate an attack across a large amount of open ground with little to no cover and limited support. Both sides face that same challenge. Both sides have a battalion-sized force that will arrive in bits and pieces. The challenge is a balance netween establishing a good defense while also staging and properly covering an all out assault.
Do you wait for the enemy to move first or try and pre-empt their reinforcements? The open ground is going to be costly no matter what, so realistically, you’re only going to have one good shot at getting across with enough force remaining to still push on into the victory locations! If you go too soon, your forces will likely be just cut down, and you’ll left with too little for another attempt. On the other hand, should you wait for the enemy to make their move first? Well, the clock is also ticking! Despite the large force each side has, mistakes are likely to be costly and quickly whittle them down!

This is a meeting engagement between German and Russian infantry and mortar units. Both sides have about the same amount of units for a balanced scenario.

Special thanks to Mike M. for help with scenario design and play testing.

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3 thoughts on “Railyard

  1. I like the idea behind this scenario. It just needs a little more attention. No AI plans, unfortunately. However, adding your own plans puts a little fun on both sides. It’s a great scenario to experiment with the AI. Can you get the AI side to threaten advancing to their objectives?

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