Salito Sunrise

CMFI Salito Sunrise

Sicily, July 43. Specialist platoons from the 82nd Airborne move to secure objectives across the Salito River bridge.
Single player, Allied only.
Small scenario, Allied attack.

Old CMFI scenario by Kari Salo (sept 2012), that hadn’t be transferred from the old repository until now.
Created with CMFI v1.00
This is the version 1 of the scenario. Some version 2 has been released in November 2012, if somebody owns it please contact me (here or on the BF forum).

Feel free to add comments on the BF forum

NB: I’m not the author of this scenario. I’m only the uploader!

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Author: PEB14

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  1. I have a Nov 10. 2012 copy of the battle. It is not named as version 1 or 2. So I don’t know if it is V2 that you are looking for. Send me ur email address and I will send you a copy of mine.

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