3 thoughts on “Sacrifice in the Snow

  1. Fun and fast paced scenario. Was able to get a total victory while taking some significant casualties. Tried it without the winter mod and it still looks great, will probably play it again once I install the winter mod. Thanks to the author of the scenario.

  2. Tough to start off as the Germans have the high ground and multiple firing angles. After gaining a wide field of fire at some casualties, the tide has turned. The SM squad became really lethal at close range firefight. non-stop action from start to finish. thanks.

  3. Very nice little battle. I played ‘blind’ as the Germans and didn’t read the intro.

    It was fun as I tried to save troops that were in a vicious fight. Managed a win but I have some real concerns regarding the modeling of the Soviet SMG. They are modeled more like AK-47 IMO. I have read some of the threads at BF regarding how they were supposed to shoot out to 200 meters or so. Poppycock. In fact, they were semi and full auto. The game does not model this. Just full auto. Even in semi-auto, I doubt that you could target to 200 meters.

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