Debaltseve Devils V1.2

***Transferred from the Battlefront Repository***

This is a infantry heavy battle in town/urban terrain.

Some armoured veichles will be involved though.

Mapsize 1120 X 640 meters. The map is one of the stock QB-maps with slight modifications.

The player will be commanding a seperatist battlegroup consisting of

2 infantry companies, 1 recon platoon and 2 supporting russian T72 tanks

This scenario will also allow the player to commit some additional troops to the battle that is being held in RESERV. Doing so will result in a loss of points though.

The seperatists are tasked with making one last attempt to capture Delbaltseve before an impending ceasefire.

Debaltseve will be defened by regular ukranian army troops.

Scenario lenth is 120 turns.

All avaliable 16 AI-groups are used as well as all 15 AI terrain objectives to try and make a ‘living’ battlefield…

Hopefully this will work…

Good luck with the battle…Any feedback will be welcome…

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1 thought on “Debaltseve Devils V1.2

  1. Just about finished with this one and have to say this is an incredibley fun and immersive battle. Blimey’s separatist mod really makes it shine and the immersion is even more complete. This one ranks right up at the top of my favorite community made scenarios.

    It’s a really nice infantry fight that feels like you are right there in the thick of it. The two T-72, when they show up, turns the whole thing on it’s head and shows you what two tanks can do in that kind of enviroment when they aren’t always scared of Javelins or ATGMs.

    Thanks for a GREAT scenario!!

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