CMSF2 Campaign : To Al-Hell and back : Operation ORPHEUS

Background story :  
To Al-Hell and back : operation ORPHEUS
A rebel movement lead by a formation named Luwa El-Mumtaz(LEM) was causing turmoil north of the country since months.  Local forces suffer defection and desertion lead LEM to became a real threat to national integrity.The 30th Guard Division, which your battalion is a part of, was send to stop the rebellion.The 8th of may the division was engage in heavy combat in the north when the general Harith Abdullahi Farouq, commanding officer of the 30th Guard Divison, received a phone call from the president chief of staff himself. He was to immediately assemble a task force and send it to Al-Hell on the coast and retrieve a VIP from the government, code name EURYDICE.Your battalion, the third, was the only one available for this mission, you are in charge of breaking through enemy line, extract EURYDICE and bring it back into safe territory further south. The operation received the code name ORPHEUS.
Ammo shouldn’t be a problem, but the further you go, the harder it will be to replace casualties, especially the BMP-3. 

Description : Red vs Red campaign, you command Syrian guard troops against unconv troops. The campaign span on 5 missions, all must be win in order to process to the next one. BMP-3 are very powerful but they will not be replace if destroy. You must find the balance between speed and force preservation. Have fun and good luck !!!   

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7 thoughts on “CMSF2 Campaign : To Al-Hell and back : Operation ORPHEUS

  1. I found this to be very well made. I can normally find things that I don’t agree with in the design of many battles. I have played the first three battles so far. I find the maps to be excellent, I find the game play interesting and challenging. The scoring appears to be on the mark.
    In general, they spent the time and the details in this campaign are there. Excellent work and I recommend it to anyone.

    10 out of 10 if a score was given.

  2. I recommend this campaign wholeheartedly. One of the best red campaigns out there for CMSF. Challenging, varying missions, good briefings, and AI manages to give a good challenge. (look out for counter-attacks :P)

  3. I am unable to play this. I put the file in my campaign folder but it does not show up in the menu. Any ideas.


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