In the conflict ravaged former British Colony of Sierra Leone, on 25 August 2000, a R IRISH patrol was captured by the West Side Boys. The patrol members were held hostages in Gberi Bana North of the Rokel Creek. In response to the crisis, the UK launched Operation BARRAS deploying both D Squadron 22 SAS and A Company 1 PARA to recover the hostages and defeat the West Side Boys.

This scenario recreates A Company 1 PARA’s clearance of Magbeni on 10 September 2000 and is based on an account written by Major Lowe, the company commander in the British Army’s Tropical Operations Manual.

In real life, A Company, 1 PARA was completely successful in clearing Magbeni as were D Squadron, 22 SAS at Gberi Bana and Operation BARRAS effectively removed the West Side Boys as an actor in the Sierra Leone conflict.

This mission is a Blue vs AI mission and has been updated from the CMSF-1 original to make it more compatible with the CMSF-2 engine. Be aware that no major changes have been made and no new AI plans added. This scenario requires the British Force Module.

Author: Combatintman

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