2 thoughts on “CMBN Assault on Port Cros

  1. Another great scenario created by a scenario designer, Combatintman, who also creates stock scenarios for Battlefront. I really enjoyed this one. Don’t let the long time limit of three and a half hours deter you from playing. The long time limit gives you options and flexibility to fight the mission without fighting the clock. I completed the mission in one hour 17 minutes with a Total Victory. Just use the full time limit if you want to. It features a battalion of highly trained and motivated troops of the First Special Service Force with on call naval gunfire. How cool is that? Take this one for a spin you will enjoy it! MOS:96B2P

  2. Enjoyed the challenge. I too finished early – just over two hours remaining, but liked the strategy, although the overland movement was a little tedious. I chose not to read the fort detail until the battle was over. I did run into a few problems, all right, but finally came to the conclusion that the fort ramparts couldn’t be reached. Excellent map with great work on the fortifications. I highly admire your patience to produce the forts with such detail.

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