CMBN Assault on Port Cros

2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment, First Special Service Force clears German coastal defences on the Îles d’Hyères on the eve of Operation Dragoon August 1944.

The basics:

Game = CMBN v4.00 with Market Garden module

Play Mode = Allied vs Axis AI only.

Battle Type = Allied attack

Battle Size = Large

Mission Length = 3 hours 30 minutes.

Map size = 2368m x 1264m

Context = Semi historic


On 15 August 1944, elements of the First Special Service Force assaulted and cleared German coastal defenses located on the Îles d’Hyères to neutralize the threat to the main amphibious force landings for Operation Dragoon (landings in the south of France.

In this mission you will assume the role of CO 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment, First Special Service Force tasked with neutralizing the defences of Port Cros comprising mostly of four forts constructed between the middle ages and the Napoleonic era.

The map reflects the real ground but the forces involved are not exactly those used on the day so the 15-inch guns of HMS Ramillies which finally induced the Germans to surrender are not in this scenario. You will have to achieve your mission much more quickly than the original attackers but rest assured that you have more than enough time to complete this mission.

Vale 32211556 Tec Fourth Grade Reynold J. King Silver Star, KIA 15 August 1944.

I hope you enjoy playing it.

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Author: Combatintman

2 thoughts on “CMBN Assault on Port Cros

  1. Another great scenario created by a scenario designer, Combatintman, who also creates stock scenarios for Battlefront. I really enjoyed this one. Don’t let the long time limit of three and a half hours deter you from playing. The long time limit gives you options and flexibility to fight the mission without fighting the clock. I completed the mission in one hour 17 minutes with a Total Victory. Just use the full time limit if you want to. It features a battalion of highly trained and motivated troops of the First Special Service Force with on call naval gunfire. How cool is that? Take this one for a spin you will enjoy it! MOS:96B2P

  2. Enjoyed the challenge. I too finished early – just over two hours remaining, but liked the strategy, although the overland movement was a little tedious. I chose not to read the fort detail until the battle was over. I did run into a few problems, all right, but finally came to the conclusion that the fort ramparts couldn’t be reached. Excellent map with great work on the fortifications. I highly admire your patience to produce the forts with such detail.

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