Fortune Favours the Brave v2

***Transferred from the Repository – CMSF British Forces Required***

An updated version – hopefully more of a challenge for Blue. Here’s my second attempt at a scenario. This features an enlarged version of my previous Al Qaryatayn map (1200m x 1200m). This scenario is a BLUE only scenario. But all the files are included in the RAR, so please feel free to mod or create a totally new scenario. The scenario title is the motto of the Yorkshire Regiment, which is featured in the scenario. The scenario is a BLUE assault on a specific objective with strict conditions relating to friendly casualties. BLUEFOR is armoured infantry plus an engineer section. REDFOR is mechanised infantry plus militia and uncons. Unzip the RAR and take the files contained within the placement folder and put them in your CMSF/Game Files/Scenarios folder. Thanks for checking this out.

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