Dam It!

***Transferred from the Repository – CMSF British Forces Required***

As a result of anti-Islamic propaganda from the USA, Turkey has denied American troops the use of their soil from which to launch a Syrian invasion from the North. In Britain’s favour, however, is Turkey’s eagerness to be accepted as a member of the European Union. Hence, the Turkish Government has agreed to permit British Special Forces to operate from bases within Turkey and it is from here that we will commence a mission into Northern Syria to take and hold the Ar Rastan Dam.

Your force is a Manoeuvre Support Company with a limited number of mainly lightly-equipped units. You also have at your disposal massive air support.
The company’s most valuable element is the fast moving Recce plt with Jackals. In addition you have Javelin and Sniper teams and a very powerful Assault Pioneer platoon.


( Designer’s Note: When Dismounting from a vehicle on the Dam, units may run off over the dam wall and run back again. To avoid this, hit Backspace (delete waypoint) after Dismount, and set a new waypoint.)

Play as Blue!
Duration: 1h 40m
Time: Dawn

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