1 thought on “CMSF Op BARRAS – A Coy 1 PARA Sierra Leone

  1. This is a very interesting and unique location to set a scenario. Combatintman, who is a veteran scenario designer of both independent releases and of stock scenarios for BFC, set this scenario in the bush terrain of Sierra Leone. It is based on real world events that occurred in 2000. For this mission you get to command paratroopers, maneuver through the bush and clear tangos from small villages along Rokel Creek. With a few mods installed it reminded me of articles I read back in the day from Soldier of Fortune (SOF) magazine of fire fights in the African bush & villages. A great battle in a unique location of the world for a Combat Mission scenario. I recommend the following mods for proper immersion and cool screenshots:
    Ground Marsh – Turns marsh tiles to water. (CMSF does not have water)
    British Infantry Tempo Camo Mod. – Puts the Paras in a green temperate uniform.
    African Theater pack – African faces.
    African Terrain v1.20 – Some buildings, grass etc.
    All four of the above mods can be found at the BFC Repository but are not necessary to play the scenario. But they do look cool.

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