USMC Cmpn 09 Road to Shin H2H


Following the successful completion of the bypass, 26th MEU was able to attack and capture SAFITA from the rear, cutting off and destroying sizable Syrian forces in the process. It appears however that Syrian forces are adapting to our plan. Based on information received from friendly Druze forces operating in the area, hostile helicopters were heard yesterday flying into the valley on the eastern side of Hill 765 throughout the night. We surmise that SF or airborne troops have taken position to defend the pass over Hill 765. 26th MEU is now moving on to our next objective, the city of SHIN. Employing the same strategy of using secondary roads to bypass Syrian forces, the village of AIN GHARA was captured late yesterday after a quick firefight This scenario is originally from the stock USMC Campaign. It has been lightly modified for H2H play. Original Scen design by Sgt Joch.


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