In the Fields Where the Poppies Grow

This is my second attempt at a campaign and it is narrative, interactive and semi-historical . It is simply a story of men at war.

The campaign puts you in the command role of 1st Lt. Charles Stevens commanding  A Company, 31st Tank Bn of the 7th Armored Division in Normandy during August 11 -16.

As Stevens you will command 3 platoons of A Company as it trys to link up with the 7th Armored for the last battle of the campaign. A Company is made of individual personalities, all named from real life friends and each with their own battle nicknames. As Stevens you are responsible of leading them in battle and to keep them alive through various missions.

Some missions will branch depending on the outcome of the previous battle and you will be required to make several command decisions. Its very important that you read the designer notes for each mission as these drive the story line. It is also imperative that Steven’s be kept alive or the campaign will come to an end. You will be faced at different points whether to commit him to the fighting or not due to losses or situations.

There are also mod tags attached that add some of my own modifications. These are strictly terrian or texture modifications that add battle damage to vehicles and terrain so if things look a bit different that is the reason. I wanted to add a battlefield atmosphere to the campaign and I hope you will find it successful. Many thanks to Aris and Umlaut who’s excellent work gave me a base to work with. There is also a soundtrack to the loading and AAR screens.

Once again read all the designers notes as well as the briefing texts to guide you through the campaign.

I hope it proves enjoyable to each who play it as many hours went into the creation of this campaign. It should prove to be challenging  I hope and give a sense of the difficulties that men in war face. Any comments or suggestions will be helpful to me so that I may improve on future projects.

(V2) I have made a few AI corrections thanks to the help of some of our members as well as some minor grammer corrections in the narrative. Hopefully it will be a better experience for all who give it a try. This campaign requires the latest CMBN patch as well as all the modules and vehicle pack.

(V2.1) I have corrected the wrong setup for some German units with in the Allied setup zone as well as the out of place sniper team in one of the missions. I also reworked some of the road clutter for better pathfinding in a few battles as well as some AI adjustments.

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5 thoughts on “In the Fields Where the Poppies Grow

  1. I downloaded this but oculd not play it since the Market Garden module is required. Please make sure to note this in the description.

  2. Great awesome work for this campaign, beautiful map, good enemy unit position. But there is a little problem: the episode about Chartre is too short, 20 minute, I guess it was a mistake.

  3. I really like your ideas for your campaigns. The storyline is such an excellent element that I think is missing from so many Combat Mission campaigns. However, I can’t help but feel that this campaign falls into the same trap that so many TFGM campaigns and scenarios fall into, and that is that they are just mostly head-on rush slug fests where you are extremely lucky to end up on top without saving and reloading a bunch of times, instead of tactical dilemmas that offer a realistic challenge. I just don’t find as much enjoyment in facing mindless hordes of Germans who don’t seem to care about bum-rushing a crossroad for no apparent regard for their or their comrades’ lives. And I also don’t enjoy being surprised by a force more than twice my size out of nowhere. I’m not saying it didn’t happen in WWII, but being massacred by design is not what I want to download a campaign for. I just didn’t get the feeling of realism with the lack of self-preservation from everyone involved, and deleted the campaign after the first mission. Too hard. Too frustrating. Not realistic. Not fun. Sorry.

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