Saving Private Ryan

You, Captain Miller of the 2nd Rangers, are ordered to find Private Ryan, a member of the 101st Airborne Division, 3 of his brothers have been killed in action and Pvt. Ryan has got a ticket home.
– Play like in the epic war movie Saving Private Ryan or put your own touch on these missions.
  * Playable Missions:
– Omaha Beach: Storm the beach designated “Omaha” at Dog Green sector, nicknamed “Bloody Omaha” by it’s survivors.
– Radar Station: Assault the radar station that is still holding a heavy machinegun crew ambushing unsuspecting allied soldiers.
– Ramelle: Hold the town of Ramelle, can you keep the Germans from taking the bridge over the Merderet River and keep Pvt. Ryan save?
*Recommended mods to use:
 -Aris texture packs and add-ons (maps are made using these)
-Veins 2nd Rangers (you can’t have a SPR campaign without Rangers!)
-Oddballs sound mod (allot better immersive sound)
-Wyseman76’s 12th SS Hitlerjugend camo scheme (to make them resemble the SS as shown in the fictional Ramelle battle)
– And my very own Normandy Battle Ambience.

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