Bénouville & Ranville Master Map

Three CMBN maps by WimO, a.k.a. Kandu

WO Tonga MM is “pristine” meaning it is without German fortifications and terrain modifications; no opposing forces or deployment zones. Fully populated with flavor objects. For best appearance I recommend that you also install Falaise’s, TaL’s, Kieme’s, Juju’s, Kandu’s (or WimO), building, walls, vegetation and flavor objects mods. I personally also use Aris’ terrain tiles and selections from Hedgerow Hell.

The two v2″ files are expanded versions which extend the map further east and south. The “NF” version has NO Flavor objects. The other is populated with thousands of flavor objects including Rommel’s asparagus.

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Author: Kandu

13 thoughts on “Bénouville & Ranville Master Map

  1. Not sure what you mean by “empty”.
    If you mean that you cannot ‘see’ it in your directory then maybe you are not using the most upgraded game engine? I have rechecked the download and the file is present and intact, installs and plays properly.
    If you mean, that there are no deployment zones, no marked objectives or vp’s, and no forces allocated, then yes, it is empty. It is a only a map.

  2. Hi, the download has the .btt file in it but when loaded into games file when the map is opened it is just the green grass default map? I’m running v4.04

  3. Sorry, but I don’t know what is wrong at your end. I have conducted the following test twice; once yesterday and once today.
    1. Downloaded WO-Tonga-MM.zip from The Scenario Depot
    2. Unizpped WO Tonga MM.btt
    3. Moved .btt file to CMBN/Game Files/Scenarios
    4. Opened WO Tonga MM in the Scenario Editor. Result = normal both tests
    5. Opened WO Tonga MM in “Battles”. Result = normal both tests
    It is unpacking and loading without mishap at my end and I have had no other negative feedback.

  4. All sorted, the 4.04 didn’t update, so re ran the update and all works fine. Amazing map that means a lot to me as my late father dropped with 5th Para on 6th Jun 1944. Cheers

  5. Very glad to hear that you got the problem sorted and that you like the map. I am presently working on expanding the map to be able to include some of the actions of 12th and 13th para in addition to 7th para and Oxf and Bucks of the 6th Airlanding.

  6. The greatest map of all times!
    The atention to details is astounishing!
    Sadly, the loading time is 4min 38sec, and in battle computing battle time is also 4 min, with a good density of units.

    1. Try the NFO (no flavor objects) version. Also, you can load the map into the editor and cut is smaller. But in that case be sure to use the NFO version or you will create a flavor objects mess.

  7. I keep it as it is. I really like the wide version of the map.
    I will use it for personal fun, because it is very difficult to do an optimal and functional mission on such a large map.
    And the testing, will last for months 🙂
    And I would be very happy if you enlarge the map even more !!! because it gives me a feeling of unnatural immersion 🙂

    P.S: “WO Villiers le Sec MM” is also a really great map!!!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. You like large maps? I am currently, slowly working on my largest (and final) map. It is the south perimeter of operation Tonga and stretches CMBN’s mapping ability to its maximum size, 6000 m x 3008 m. It will include le Bas de Ranville, Ranville, Herouvilette, le Mesnil, Escoville, Ste. Honorine, Longueval and the terrain between. A lot of action occurred along this front on D+1.

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