Byte Rat Race

*Commonwealth Forces Add On Required*

Nazi war criminals have escaped from detention and are are fleeing for the German lines. You are in charge of an American Cavalry Troop tasked with returning the refugees, dead or alive. Beware of taking the chase too close to the enemy lines though, your unit is not an assault force.



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Author: Bootie

2 thoughts on “Byte Rat Race

  1. This is a fun scenario, and I really enjoyed your effort on this one! I do have a couple comments, though. The escapees were dispatched promptly, but found this would only yield a “Draw”. If the German troops on the far side of the river need to be engaged to result in a victory of any kind, this needs to be covered in the briefing. I actually pushed across the river, and gained a foothold on the far bank, and was engaging positions there where time expired. Thank you for the opportunity to try this one – I don’t consider my comments as a serious issue, and liked the challenge you put forth.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I’ll update the scenario once the 4.0 version of CM gets patched as there are some issues with infantry behaviour at present.

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