1. Called a ceasefire with 32 minutes remaining for a draw. This was a difficult challenge for me. Essentially ran out of troops to fight with. Believe I had one Lynx remaining, and my infantry was decimated. Took only two objectives: Farmhouse and South Crossroads.

  2. Hi,
    If you like, I have posted on you tube some videos.
    Videos regarding two attempts – both consist of the first 2 turns, each turn is split in 2 video of 30″.


    Axis losses in the first attempt: 1 tank, 1 armored vehicle (but infantry escaped).
    Axis losses in the second attempt: 3 tanks.

    As you can see, each attempt has got a different result (due to game’s mechanic).
    The first 2 turns are very important and you should be able to maintain your main force.

    I wanted to start the battle in a different way, respect others map, and I was amazed and satisfied too see tanks and vehicles advancing towards enemies position trying to get through.

    Sometimes can happen that you can suffer heavy losses, but you can still win the play.

    In any case, just restart the previous save game if you do not fill confident, at the end, it is just a game. Beware, not all enemies position are revealed.

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