CMBN Detours Ahead

Category: Semi-historical

Type: Allied Probe

Weather: Light Rain

Wind: Medium, from W

Ground: Wet

Map size: 640 x 2000 

Map by: JonS – requires Battlepack; just a touched up QB map.

The scenario is a ‘typical’ vanguard mission that British, Canadian, Polish and American armoured/recce units would have done an untold amount of times during the pursuit across France and the Low Countries. The map in reality emulates terrain along the Albert Canal in Belgium. However, the terrain is not dissimilar to the canals and topography around the Channel Ports, particularly Dunkirk and Beruges. It was in that location the lead units of the 1st Canadian Army crossed the border into Belgium in early September.  I chose to do a ‘what-if’ encounter rather than a full recreation of an action because, frankly, I CBA. This of course provides me with considerable artistic licence. 

There are 5 AI plans of varying quality (by design). I am particular interested in feedback on:

  • The impression/playability of the battle;
  • The challenge level as you viewed it; and
  • Your view on final point distribution, which currently is the least tested.

One for ‘tread-heads.’ This mission should require Commonwealth, Market Garden and the Battlepack.

This .brz contains mod-tagged skins so there is nothing further you need to do with your mods.

By Rinaldi

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