H2H No Exit v2.0

Updated H2H-only version of scenario “No Exit”.

Fictional Company-level Meeting Engagement for control of an Autobahn interchange.


Changes from v1.0 –

Terrain adjustments for increased concealment/cover.

Adjusted number of mortars, and ammunition amount for same.

Replaced American .50 cal halftracks with M3 for balance.

Re-organised troops by replacing American armored infantry with regular infantry(plt radios), and same for German force(grenadier).

Adjusted troop reinforcements.

Adjusted American squad headcount in some areas to match forces.

Both Overpass bridges destroyed due to pathing issues.

Americans have less mortar smoke than Germans(due to HE ammo balance), but more ‘personal/vehicle’ pop smoke.

Terrain Objectives adjusted.

“Destroy” points now awarded for destroying enemy troops and vehicles. Pyrrhic victories are not recommended.

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