2 thoughts on “CMBN V4 MG VP – You Enter Germany – Introduction

  1. So, figured I would provide some feedback. DON’T read if you haven’t played and don’t want spoilers.

    First off, nice use of the V4 upgrade and VP. Never seen a Sherman Flail in action, pretty cool. Also, never got to play with bunkers much, that was also very cool.

    So, here we go.

    BRIEFING: Very well done and comprehensive, but maybe I missed when the reinforcements were anticipated or expected….maybe you just don’t get to know when as the German commander.
    MAP: Also very nicely done…gives a good sense of how the German border area was clear cut and prepared for the West Wall defenses. I especially liked the tree stumps. LOTS OF OPEN GROUND to move your troops on as the German player.
    OOB: Darn, at least initially the German player doesn’t have much. I suppose that’s also realistic…just some ersatz infantry with a free Panzerfausts. Oy, even the bunkers didn’t seem to do much.
    AI: So my limited experience…I got my butt handed to me early and decided to abort for another go round…is that the Americans don’t need much tactical finesse, they just roll those Shermans forward and blast hell outta everything. WHICH, considering I had no armor or AT guns, is probably a sound plan. I assume from going back to read the BB thread that I get some serious reinforcements including STUGs at some point, but by that time, I knew my bunkers were lost with little chance of a successful counterattack.

    BUT, it looks like a defensive challenge and I haven’t really had one of these as the Germans, so I will probably try again.

    Thanks for the hard work.

  2. Thanks for playing and commenting GruntGI! 🙂 Mission play was somewhat diminished by the V4 upgrade introducing various problems with pillbox vulnerability and AI sort of cheating. The scenario creation started in V3.X, but takes full advantage of new V4 features (AI orders, terrain elements) despite the mentioned problems. I´ll take another look when another game engine patch is released.

    Basically this scenario is a german defense AND counterattack combat mission combined and you need to act accordingly (stubborn, yet intelligent defense + buying time, followed by quick and aggressive counter attack). Considering the US player is AI driven and heavily depends on various scripts (incl. the new triggers) you can use it to your advantage by disturbing the US attack plan (scripts) as much as possible (to buy time). The means are available, although not conveniently placed at mission start (Remember: majority of defense forces is in preparation to move off the map/battlefield after relieve by 9th Panzer forces). Until arrival of KG (battle group) Metzler, an aggressive defense needs to be applied with ALL initially available forces. As further hint I can tell that RABENHEIM town grants no points for occupation and is rather the assembly area for the counter attack forces (arriving in strength at 05:15 PM/game turn 30). So until turn 30 you should´ve delayed the US AI attack enough, to be in the best possible position to apply a successfull counterattack and gain a winning score at last. Maybe doesn´t work in the first playthrough, but from my own playtesting there´s more than one approach to win (or loose) this one.

    have fun

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