TWC Left Hook at Les Houlles (Canadian vs. AI)

The 2nd Canadian Division sent a brigade south of Bretteville-sur-Laize on August 11th during the final stages of the Falaise Gap fighting to do a reconnaissance; two days later, it was the main effort of 2nd Canadian Corps. On the night of 12-13 August, The Calgary Highlanders executed a brilliant night maneuver through the lines of the German 89th Infantry Division. The next day, their four companies were told to keep leapfrogging towards the bridge at Clair Tison, a small bridge over the River Laize. This scenario depicts the actions of one of the companies on the 13th, at a small hamlet on the way to Clair Tison. The C.O. of the Highlanders was later awarded the DSO for the night action, and a sergeant of “D” Company received the Croix de Guerre for actions before and during the attack at Les Houlle.

Play: Solo Canadian vs. AI only

Map size: 700m x 700m

Force size: Company

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