CW Schnell Truppen Angriffe

*Commonwealth Forces Add On Required*

You will need your game patched to 2.01.

In this scenario a small German armoured kampfgruppe (Panzers and SPW) launches a pre-dawn raid on an Allied held position (consisting of Infantry and AT guns) centred on several small villages and farms.

The scenario is primarily designed as a challenging German Vs AI combined arms fight. In it the German player can trial a variety of tactical choices. The Allied AI has around four distinct AI Plans. As such it will also make an ideal training scenario for those new to combined arms tactics.


This is due to the nature of the challenge facing the German side – a challenge that in this case the AI cannot do (it cannot remount half tracks for example).Forces on either side are reinforced company so it’s manageable to play in both RT and WEGO.

The map is 1.6km square.

This can also be played H2H. I’d suggest that the less experienced player takes the Allied side.

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