CW – TWC Delay on Tiger Route (Solo vs German AI or H2H)


Solo vs. German AI battle, or H2H, depicting encounter between 1st Airborne and 9th SS on first day of MARKET-GARDEN.

Map size: approx 500 x 300m

Game length: 30 min

British force size: company (-)

Terrain type: forest

Weather and Environmental conditions: Clear, dry

Nice small scenario, but mix of forces. Couple of AI plans for German. Trouble with small scenarios is that if one or two key weapons go down, this could be over with quickly, but being small, you can always try it again.
Feedback welcome. UPDATE – thanks to Paul Klimstra for pointing out the typo in the header – this one is playable as either a solo as British (vs. AI controlled German) or else H2H.  Also updated the file to replace the reference to 6th Airborne, as this should obviously refer to 1st Airborne. Thanks to the BFC forum for pointing this elementary error out.


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