CW – TWC First Crack at Cristot (AI vs. German)

AI vs. German battle depicting first battle at Cristot on 11 June 1944 between 6th Green Howards and 12th SS Panzer Division. Originally covered by Bil Hardenberger on the CM:BO release disc, this scenario revisits the action where Stanley Hollis, VC, cemented his reputation for valour. Also included are a suite of mods to change insignia and vehicle markings for British units to those appropriate to the scenario.

Map size: 1400 x 900m

Game length 1:40+

British force size: battalion (-)

Terrain type: rural

Weather and Environmental conditions: Rain, wet ground

This is not a remake of The Sunken Lane from the original CM:BO disc, but a from-scratch scenario design, using information gleaned mainly from The Creully Club newsletter. The scenario departs from a strict historical retelling of the action where necessary for a balanced game.

Feedback welcome. Detailed designer’s notes included in read me file and in scenario file.


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  1. Do I have a challenge for you or what? – this should be the title of this one! I had a hard time with the usual decisions – who to send where? How to deal with THAT problem? And it was one after another. Fantastic scenario!! Great work. Movement restrictions required one to think ahead, and actually develop a plan. And then find that that wouldn’t work because ….. I cannot believe this actually follows history closely. I may have to read about that battle, just to see who really won. Thank you very much for the work you put into this one!

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