Kandu’s ASL & SL Conversions to CMBN Updated

The following old ASL/SL conversions to CMBN have been reviewed and updated to their final versions. A note to ASLers, these do not play anything at all like the boardgame. All were created in CMBN prior to engine 4.04 upgrade with all add-ons installed and heavily modified with player created graphics mods.

ASL Apples to Apples vFin.btt
Based on AP37 “Apples to Apples”. An American armored group on its way to Vire is ambushed by an SS detachment.

ASL Attempt to Exploit vFin.btt
Based on SL95 “Attempt to Exploit”. Elements of US 3rd Armored Division attempt to exploit a gap in the German lines.

ASL Cristot vFin.btt
Based on AP31 “First Cristot”. British Green Howards move up to support elements of the Dragoon Guards isolated on Hill 102 by elements of 2 SS Panzer Division.

ASL Devil’s Hill vFin.btt
Based on T10 “Devil’s Hill”. Elements of 82nd Airborne attempt to capture and hold Hill 75.9 during Operation Market Garden in the Netherlands.

ASL Driver Advance vFin.btt
Based on LCP: JAVA 11 (Lone Canuck Publishing) “Driver Advance”. As the Guards Armored Division drive toward Eindhoven they must pass through woods near Valkenswaard occupied by German Fallschirmjaeger.

ASL Hauts Vents vFin.btt
Based on DASL 18 King of the Hill “Hauts Vents”. Elements of US 30th Infantry Division attempt to occupy the heights around Les Hauts Vents.

ASL Hill 112 vFin.btt
Based on SL 94 “Hill 112”. Elements of 15th Scottish and British 11th Armoured Division attempt to drive elements of 25 SS Panzergrenadier and 12 SS Panzer from Hill 112.

ASL Le Port Filiolet vFin.btt
Based on CH All American: Shanley’s Hill (Critical Hit) “DeWeese Holds Le Port Filiolet”. Elements of 82nd Airborne defend access to Chef-du-Pont causeway against an attack by K.G. Bonnenkamp during Operation Boston in Normandy.

ASL Silence that Gun vFin.btt
Based on ASL 14 “Silence that Gun”. Elements of Able 1/502 PIR, 101st Airborne have only 10-15 minutes to silence an anti-tank gun and pillbox on D-Day in Normandy.

ASL Stand Fast vFin.btt
Based on SL 302 “Stand Fast”. American veterans attempt to clear a small group of German Fallschirmjaeger out of a hamlet that is blocking the American advance.

ASL The Clearing vFin.btt
Based on SL 301 “The Clearing”. Elements of US 60th Infantry Division attempt to knock out a German pillbox and secure the Hurtgenwald Hump.

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