4 thoughts on “CMBN MG The Wrong Tool for the Job

  1. thanks the scenario…
    and thanks to those out there for creating this really cool site to support the awesome Combat Mission games!

  2. I found this scenario while looking for something to console myself after a string thrashings by my H2H opponents! I needed something that would take me back to basics in a challenging way. It was just what the doctor ordered. I completely concur with Michael Dorosh. This provides a very nice mix of units and lets you command a good sized force in bite-sized increments against a fluid AI. This is a very fine effort, Richard. Have you done any others? Would love to play those as well. Thank you for an excellent CMBN outing! Good luck and good gaming!!

  3. I see we now have the ability to rate scenarios, but there is only one in the “Top 50.” I’m guessing not many people have discovered, or are using, this functionality yet? In any event, bumping this by adding my rating – really did enjoy this one and hope others will start to rate their fav scenarios.

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